The Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) is a biennial global assessment of disaster risk reduction and comprehensive review and analysis of the natural hazards that are affecting humanity. For more information about the document and the process, please see the UNISDR GAR pages.

The assessment relies on a vast dataset produced by a large number of collaborating institutions. This dataset can now be accessed online through an experimental service offered by the MNM-Team. The service has been launched to gauge interest, gather feedback and to estimate resourced needed in sustainable operations. In case you encounter any issues or have any questions about the service, please contact!

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Name Download Description Mimetype Modified Size
Earthquake scenarios inode/directory 2017.05.03 15:21:15 616.48 MB
Earthquake_Hazard_maps inode/directory 2017.05.03 15:21:17 67.37 MB
Flood scenarios inode/directory 2017.05.05 03:36:05 1.12 TB
Flood_hazard_maps inode/directory 2017.05.03 15:54:11 9.46 GB
Storm Surge scenarios inode/directory 2017.05.03 16:43:03 42.17 GB
Tsunami scenarios inode/directory 2017.05.03 15:56:10 159.46 MB
Wind scenarios inode/directory 2017.05.03 16:56:06 464.23 MB
Wind_Hazard_maps inode/directory 2017.05.16 15:52:27 13.63 MB

Other datasets of potential interest:
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If you are aware of other resources that could be of interest, please contact us at